Robsniak is the main host of Cartoon Cut-Ups. He is a no-nonsense Martian who seems mostly oblivious to whatever is going on. He is currently involved in a bitter rivalry with Munchlax after he ignited a gas explosion in Robsniak's hotel room.



Furret is Robsniak's happy-go-lucky all-American sidekick in the form of a Pokemon. Initially, Robsniak first met Furret as a poor, helpless Sentret that was sleeping in a box that his parents abandoned him, and ever since, their freindship became stronger than glue. When we last saw him, he was watching the critically-acclaimed Star Wars Holiday Special.



Luna is an autistic 20-year-old axolotl who is one of Robsniak's allies. Her hobbies include watching movies and TV shows, bird-watching, and spending time with her girlfriend Charlene. She is currently in a love/hate relationship with Munchlax, whom she met while playing in a park with her mom.



Munchlax is Luna's partner Pokemon. Although not a villain, he is an extremely mischevious and antagonistic "all-star" who often plays tricks on the cast just for his own personal gain. He is on Octo-Sam's hitlist just for giving a turtle dove to a Quilava. It is not explained how he ended up in Manhattan in the Christmas special, but he must've boarded the wrong plane and mistook another pink axolotl for Luna.



A Japanese golden retriever who happens to have the hots for Munchlax. However, Munchlax seems to be completely oblivious to her affection.


The main villain who bears a bizarre resemblance to an Arabic terrorist. We last saw him in Central Park when his walkie-talkie self-destructed. It is unknown if he survived the explosion.


Octo-Sam's much nicer partner Pokémon/henchman. He usually comes up with new inventions in order to help Sam take over the world. Due to the severe amount of hatred he has for his boss, Eddie always manages to sneak in self-destruct buttons/machine parts that would make his inventions automatically explode.


A Brionne that bears a striking resemblance to a real-life person. She has brown hair and wears a blue sweater. Much like Luna, she is autistic and tends to have an extreme obsession with Bloo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.


An extremely paranoid Espeon that is afraid of almost everything, including, but not limited to: planes, trains, radios, teddy bears, trees, clouds, spiders, rats, cows, aliens, monsters, Winnie the Pooh, pepper spray, police officers, firemen, postmen, talking trains, inflation fetishes, balloon inflations, Macy's Parade balloons (especially ones made between 1961-2020; she's most afraid of the original Bullwinkle balloon), Disney characters, flying insects, Sesame Street characters, sexual relationships, minors under the age of 13, infants, comic books, Donald Trump, mugshots, Burger King advertisements, cheesy high-school sitcoms, ducks, Donald Duck, mice, public domain cartoons, vore, blueberry inflation fetishes, off-model plushies, Jaiden Animations, Slushi from Chikn Nuggit, The Three Stooges, grounded videos, puberty, periods, movie parodies, SNL skits involving Eddie Murphy and John Belushi, unnecessary low budget direct-to-video sequels of old movies and so on.


Luna's girlfriend. Unlike the majority of the cast, her vocabulary includes a wide range of insults and profanities. She was once asked by a man to draw herself in her underwear, but she refused.


Felicity is a cream-colored 16 year old cat-girl of Irish decent who is currently undergoing lifeguard training for her local beach. Her personality is VERY reminiscent of the average teenager from the early-to-mid 2010s, as she's a pop-culture nerd who enjoys geeking out to things she likes. She's not at all afraid to step out of her comfort zone, but she is extremely sensitive. Despite this, she is very kind-hearted and will always be there lend a hand.